The Tony-award winning musical “Come From Away” came to Omaha this past week and recounted the incredibly complex and affecting moments that surrounded the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. 

Vampire Weekend has been successful in indie music since the get-go because of their unique sound and poetic appeal. The band even broke through to reach commercial success as they were a top-tier act at Lollapalooza 2018. However, the band has not released any recorded music since 2013.

I think we’ve all seen a romantic comedy at one point or another. Or, if you’re like me, you haven’t just seen rom-coms, you grew up with two older sisters and can quote all the classics at the drop of a hat. Like all movie genres, some just tend to stick out a little more. If you like sport…

If you’ve seen a small dog in a pearl collar with pink painted nails being walked around the Lied Education Center for the Arts, chances are she’s getting ready for her Wednesday premiere in the spring production of “Legally Blonde” here at Creighton.

Harvard Law School, pink costumes and a blonde wig breezed onto the Mainstage of the Lied Education for the Arts this Wednesday. These three things and more create the major stage production of “Legally Blonde” for the Fine and Performing Arts spring musical.

When the film “Wonder Woman” starring Gal Gadot came out in 2017, it made waves. One of the freshest, newest superhero films featuring a female protagonist, it made 821.8 million at the box office and received a stunning 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Little girls all over the world fled to …

Looking to take out some aggression you’ve been feeling towards these cold winter days? Look no further. TKO Fitness, located on 72nd and Grover Street, is an affordable kickboxing gym where you can not only learn how to fight, but get a great workout in as well.

Slowdown is notorious for booking nationally recognized, onthe-rise talent. However, on Feb. 24, they hosted a band that is considered to have already reshaped what rock and roll is today, Dr. Dog.Dr. Dog is known for their nonchalant, spaced out instrumental and soothing vocals. This sound …

Omaha Fashion Week opened this past Monday at the Omaha Design Center for it’s 11th year. Recognized as the nation’s fifth largest fashion event, Omaha Fashion Week showcases works of 65 artists every year.

The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts currently showcases a two-person exhibit about what it means to be a refugee in today’s political climate is the current exhibit. The exhibit, entitled “I LET THEM IN,” is located in The Old Market. 

In his directorial debut, Bing Liu shocks America with a carefully crafted depiction of love and loss. In his Hulu original, “Minding The Gap,” he displays the true stories of three young skateboarders, including himself, in an attempt to break the cycle of anguish in their poverty-stricken town.

The Joslyn Art Museum currently displays a small collection of works from artist Fred Tomaselli.  His work is featured in the The Karen and Doug Riley Contemporary Artists Project Gallery and will be viewable until May 5.

I’ve been doing theater since I was 8. I have been in almost 20 productions and have been pegged  a “typical” theater kid for as long as I can remember. I get asked a lot why I want to do theater. My friends will ask why I am choosing to major in it and pursue a career that will potentially …

Seven international artists have brought their work together at KANEKO to answer a fundamental human question: Why are we here?

Whether you’re spending your Valentine’s day getting ready for a hot date, studying for your orgo test, or celebrating with your local girl gang, there’s a new album that covers all the necessary bases: thank u, next by Ariana Grande. 

Well, it’s that time of year once again. Grocery stores are full of pink cards and red hearts, Gamma Phi Beta’s annual “Carnation for your Cutie” drive is underway and people both single and committed are looking for something to do this Valentine’s Day.

Driving down 10th Street in downtown Omaha, the illumi- nated Blue Barn Theatre is de- signed to attract attention, and the inside is just as impressive. Photographs from countless past productions line the cobalt walls leading to the singular theater at the center. Lauren Gunderson’s play, …

‘Kindertransport’ debuts next week as the spring play for the Creighton Fine and Performing Arts Department. The title refers to the policy enacted by Great Brit- ain to rescue Jewish children out of Germany, months before World War II started.Set in England in the 1980s, there are dynamic r…

On a street corner teetering on the edge of downtown, there is a new and trendy small business making an impact on Omaha’s wellness community. The Grove Juicery and Wellness Cafe opened on May 28th with the goal of providing a variety of nourishment for a sharp mind, glowing body, healthy he…

JINYA Ramen Bar, located at 7010 Dodge St. #106, is a new restaurant that serves a variety of ramen and other Japanese dishes.

Omaha’s breweries, namely The Tea Smith, Sozo and Thirst-tea, provide an eclectic range of teas and other beverages and a place for students to sip their drinks and socialize, during these winter months.

On Nov. 8, a crowd of people met at the American National Bank in order to catch a glimpse of the famous Salvation Army Tree. Anticipation and excitement crackled through the air; after all, this was the Salvation Army’s annual Tree of Lights event.

Artist Amy Haney’s Ascend/Descend bird series is on display at the Lied Education Center for the Arts Art Gallery now through Dec. 2.

A new art exhibit opened at the Artists’ Cooperative Fine Art Gallery last Tuesday featuring local Omaha artists.

Mixins Rolled Ice Cream has recently opened up in Downtown Omaha on 1405 Jackson Street, offering multiple flavors of Thai rolled ice cream.