The Fine and Performing Arts Department has decided to stray from the norms of popular mainstream theater for this year’s fall musical. From October 2-6 the Lied Education Center for the Arts will be home to Creighton’s production of “Company,” a 1970 musical written by George Furth, featuring music from Stephen Sondheim. 

“Company” features a non-linear plot and a non-chronological sequence. It delivers its message through recurring themes and motifs throughout the story.

 When “Company” first debuted, it was a very innovative musical, mainly for the realistic struggles and emotions it portrays. 

While other writers were aiming to help the audience mentally escape from their everyday hardships, Furth and Sondheim wanted to make the viewer truly consider the challenges in their lives. 

“Company” is able to achieve an introspective reaction from viewers by featuring themes many face when forming relationships and trying to maintain them.

The main characters struggle with jealousy, fear of commitment, friendships strained by time and personal fears and revelations brought on by aging. These themes make “Company” less of light and clean-cut theatrical experience, but make it all the more powerful.

 College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Natalie Schwartzenberger is singing in the vocal minority and weighed in on the musical aspect of the story. She and the rest of the vocal minority are looking forward to the challenging nature of Sondheim’s music, especially the artistic growth it causes in the cast. 

College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Megan Ligouri is playing the role of Jenny, a close friend of the protagonists. She thinks audience members will love the seamless integration of musical performances and ideas into the story, and that those not usually fond of musical theater will find “Company” to be a very enjoyable change of pace.

 Although a musical written in 1970 with married characters in their 30s might, on the surface, seem unrelatable to college students, “Company” does include approachable themes for a college environment. 

Searching for identity in a transitory period of life, feeling left behind by peers and friends and trying to choose a path to go forward with are just a few of the questions that will be tackled in just a few short months at Creighton University.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office located in the Lied Education Center for the Arts. Student and faculty tickets are $5.

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