Seven international artists have brought their work together at KANEKO to answer a fundamental human question: Why are we here?

Entitled “Human Condition,” the exhibit features sculpture, photography and paintings from artists John Buck, Viola Frey, Misha Gordin, David Helm, Jim Krantz, Ken Little and Sunkoo Yuh.

“Human Condition” attempts to “explore the physical and psychological experiences that we all face as human beings,” according to KANEKO’s description of the exhibit. 

KANEKO is an nonprofit organization located on 11th and Jones streets in Old Market. Founded by artist Jun Kaneko, the space was intended to be an “open space for your mind,” and to celebrate the broad idea of creativity.

The exhibit spans two floors of the three warehouses that make up the KANEKO building. Organized by artists, all rooms feature a small description of their inspiration and background. 

The works range from 15 feet tall sculptures to eight by ten photographs to interactive video works. 

While attendance has been a bit slow to the weather, Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to come in and see the exhibit, according to a KANEKO employee.

“Everyone who has come to see it has loved it so far,” said employee Tia Dawson. “I’m excited for more people to see it.”

The exhibit opened on Jan. 12 and is free to the public.

“We close at 5 p.m. on Thursday,” said Dawson. “It’s definitely something to do before you go to dinner. It’s a good pre-Valentine’s Day date.”

Creighton students who have visited the exhibit feel that it was “eye-opening” and made them think deeper about life.

“It was so different from anything I’ve seen,” said freshman College of Arts and Sciences student Ally Einbeck. “It left me wanting to think more.”

Though Einbeck had never been to KANEKO she said the environment was upbeat and fun, despite some of the more somber works of art in the exhibit. 

“I would love to go back and bring some of my friends this week,” she said. “I think anybody could find a favorite [artwork] in the exhibit.”

The exhibit will be open until May 4.

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