Mixins ‘‘campfire” ice cream features classic s’more ingredients alongside the unique Thai rolled ice cream.

Mixins ‘‘campfire” ice cream features classic s’more ingredients alongside the unique Thai rolled ice cream. 

Mixins Rolled Ice Cream has recently opened up in Downtown Omaha on 1405 Jackson Street, offering multiple flavors of Thai rolled ice cream.

The store officially launched on Aug. 18 after an earlier soft opening during the week of Aug. 12, according to Mixins co-owner Trishonna Helm.

The idea for Mixins arose randomly on a whim when Helm, originally a blogger and YouTuber, and friend Vandra Caldwell tried rolled ice cream in California.

“We just kind of joked about bringing it here, but then the next day we messaged each other saying ‘I’m serious if you are’ and our business minds teamed up together to bring the ice cream here to Omaha,” Helm said.

According to Helm, it took about a year and two weeks for them to develop and plan the store.

The store offers 15 different kinds of flavors along with three Halloween and Fall specials, namely the “pumpkin spice,” “caramel apple” and the “I-scream” flavors, which will be off the menu on Nov. 20, according to cashier Adel Molina.

“Our brand is always coming up with new flavors. We customize the ice cream, and we really just want to create our own lane,” Helm said.

One way the shop does this is by writing the names of the customers on the ice cream while preparing it to make the entire experience “personable,” according to Helm.

Molina added that although the rolled ice cream has a Thai origin, the store has an American base, and the ice cream has to be freshly made every single day as the flavors tend to run out easily.

Since the store’s inception, Helm said the response has been “overwhelmingly crazy” and it especially tends to get busy during the weekends. Even though the demand for the ice cream has started slowing down during the winter season, they still keep getting positive reactions.

“I really like this place,” College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Natasha Jain, who visited the store for the first time, said. “It’s near Creighton and has really nice flavors.”

Mixins is open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 10 p.m.; Tuesday from 12:15 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from noon to 2 a.m.; and Sunday from noon to midnight. Mixins is looking to “get as many students as possible” to try the rolled ice cream, Helm said.

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