Dr. Dog jams out at Slowdown

Dr. Dog is a band based out of Philadelphia and is known for their nonchalant, spaced out instrumentals and soothing vocals. The band performed at the Slowdown on Sunday, Feb. 24.

Slowdown is notorious for booking nationally recognized, onthe-rise talent. However, on Feb. 24, they hosted a band that is considered to have already reshaped what rock and roll is today, Dr. Dog.

Dr. Dog is known for their nonchalant, spaced out instrumental and soothing vocals. This sound got them on the ticket to tour with larger modern rock bands such as The Black Keys and The Lumineers.

Although most of the full crowd came for Dr. Dog, their opener, The Nude Party, shocked the crowd with a Rolling Stones type performance. The band was touring for their new self-titled album which combines quick strum patterns and cymbal heaving drumming. When that combination comes together, it’s difficult not to move with the fresh and upbeat vibe.

In an interview prior to the concert, The Nude Party’s vocalist Patton Magee and I discussed the band’s future. “The goal is a hot tub,” said Magee. “There’s some argument as to what we are looking for in a hot tub, but we can all agree we need one.”

The Nude Party’s mid-20’s charm is apparent both on and off the stage. Seeing them in concert, it becomes apparent that their music is intended to get the audience to have fun and dance.

When asked about what they enjoy about Omaha, the North Carolina based band commented on everything from the wonderfully cheap margaritas to the abominable weather conditions. The jovial group seemed to enjoy the city for the good, the bad and the ugly.

Lead guitarist, Shaun Couture, mentioned the new full-length album, saying, “Just give it a listen, if you like it, thank you. If you don’t like it, well, still thank you for listening.”

Between the fast-paced style of The Nude Party and the casually well-crafted beats of Dr. Dog, the crowd was mesmerized. The performances stretched from 8:00 p.m. sharp until the clock struck midnight after four encore songs by Dr. Dog.

The bands began this tour to promote their new albums, and it’s safe to say that devout fans and newcomers to the concert scene left with an invigorated attitude toward the new releases. Both albums are available on Spotify and Apple Music.


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