Dear Brenda, 

I’m a new freshmen and Creighton has been okay so far, but I still don’t really feel happy here. All of the older students I’ve met keep saying that Creighton is their “home,” but I just really miss my family and my friends back home. My mom says it’s just homesickness and I have never been this far away from home for this long. How do you suggest I try to get over it? Thanks a bunch!

-Homesick for Houston

Hey Homesick for Houston,

First off, welcome to Creighton! Let’s be real, homesickness sucks. And even though a lot of students do eventually find their home at Creighton, I don’t think there’s one person who hasn’t felt homesick at one point or another. College is one of the biggest transitions of your life; it is the first time away from your family and friends.Just know that your feelings are completely valid. Personally, it took me a long time to adjust to my life here at Creighton. I only made a few friends on my floor and I felt like no one would understand me like my friends back home. It took me until halfway through my second semester to feel like Creighton had been the right choice for me. Everyone adjsuts to college at a different pace. 

My first piece of advice is get involved. Yes, I know you probably heard it over a million times during Welcome Week. But, it’s true! You will find people who share your passions and have a support system besides just your floor and your RSP. If you missed out on Skutt Shutdown, look on CUInvolved, ask your Decurion or just go on Creighton’s website and email the Presidents of different clubs. 

My second piece of advice is keep in touch with your family and friends back home... but not too much. One of my friends freshmen year was so caught up in Facetiming loved ones back home that she missed out on our nightly Sonic runs and movie nights. Find the right amount for you so you can maximize your time here and keep in touch.

My third piece of advice is to try to talk to one new person every day. Weird, right? It was a piece of advice my Welcome Week Guide told me. That girl who sits next to you in Astronomy? Ask if she wants to swap notes. The other work study at your job? See if they want to grab lunch. I know it seems silly and stupid, but remember that every other freshmen here is in the exact same place you are. While some may acclimmate more quickly than others, everyone is eager to meet people and now is the best time to do that!

Finally, if things persist and you are struggling academically or emotionally because of homesickness, make an appointment at the Counseling Center. I thought it would be embarrassing at first, but I realized mental health is really important and a lot of students at Creighton use this resource. They can give you really good ideas on finding your place here. It is completely normal and can help you adjust!

Creighton isn’t perfect and it never will be. But, once you settle in and find your tribe, you may find that “home” that everyone here talks about. Just don’t be afraid to go out and look for it!

Keep Flying,

Brenda Bluejay

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