Whether it’s games and fun or signing up for new clubs on campus, Skutt Shutdown had it all. Students crowded the campus mall and Skutt student center to attend the annual involvement fair that showcased over 140 student organizations and clubs Thursday evening. 

Booths and tables attracted students with prizes and vibrant posters that detailed their mission, reasons to sign up and club traditions. According to this year’s internal coordinator, Annie Westfall, organization tables were categorized based on their type or department and placed in different rooms or areas of the Skutt Student Center, Kiewit Fitness Center and mall. There were rooms for pre-professional clubs, a cultural section and clubs for volunteering.

Balloons proved a useful tool in helping students navigate through the crowds to find specific tables. 

“The coolest thing that we did this year that was different from others was the way we decided to label the balloons for identification. It made it easier to identify the organizations present, and made for really cute photo opportunities for both the SLIC and for the student organizations,” said Jillian Brauninger, external coordinator of Skutt Shutdown.

Her past experiences at Skutt Shutdown as a freshman and sophomore inspired her to participate in the planning of this year’s event. 

“For me, there is some kind of ‘Skutt magic’ in the air when you look around and see all of Creighton together on one night to support and recognize each others involvements,” she said.

Outdoor activities have always been an extra attraction at the event. Some students stood in line to get walking tacos while others checked out the inflatable bouncy house and participated in rock climbing. 

The wide variety of clubs gave students an opportunity to find something they fit in with. 

“I really enjoyed Skutt Shutdown. I liked the idea of all of the different clubs and organizations being shown off and could see all there is to offer. My favorite booth was the Hui’O Hawai’i stand because it reminded me of home,” said Tierney Beadle, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

According to Beadle, having a map of the event that indicated where tables were at would have been helpful in finding where different clubs were at.

The event was open to the whole student body and welcomed other upperclassmen to participate and sign up for organizations. For some, it served as a good refresher that reminded them of what Creighton had to offer. 

Selena Tafnag, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, said she finds Skutt Shutdown an important event that introduces the many ways of getting involved on campus. “Skutt Shutdown gives [students] the opportunity to explore the different clubs, organizations and societies on campus and a chance to become a part of them. You also get a chance to make new friends and meet new people.” 

Students who were not able to attend the event can visit cuinvolved.creighton.edu to learn more about Creighton’s student organizations.

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