The Creighton Symphonic Band and University Orchestra Fall Concert took place on Nov. 18 on the Mainstage theatre in the Lied Education Center for the Arts.

The fall concert was a showcase for both the symphonic band and the orchestra, who played through seven different songs, displaying the range and skill of the musicians. The Orchestra was led by conductor Amanda Wilton and the symphonic band was led by conductor Frederick Hanna.

The Fall Concert also showcased two opera overtures from the 19th century, Franz von Suppé’s “Poet and Peasant” and Ferdinand Hérold’s “Zampa.” The concert also featured the world premiere of Hanna’s “Taxi Ride.”

The band and orchestra played expertly during the performance showing the results of hard work, making sure each song made an impact to the audience.

“My favorite piece was ‘Espirit De Corps’ because the horns really got to belt out; it’s a really emphatic march,” senior and horn player Justin Burianek said. Burianek has been playing french horn for nine years after falling in love with the instrument when he first heard it played.

“Overall the highlight of the concert was definitely the big triple forte note that Grace, the other horn player, and I play at the end of ‘Espirit De Corps.’ It’s what horn players live for,” Burianek said.

Burniek said it allows the horn players to show off their skills among the other instruments.

“I enjoy the experience of performing and telling a story to the audience through the music,” senior and oboe player Lily Hecke said. Hecke was drawn to the oboe because it is a challenging but rewarding instrument.

“My favorite song to perform was ‘Poet and Peasant’,” Hecke said. “The song was challenging for everyone but came together nicely in the end.”

Concerts at Creighton showcase the different instruments, giving students a chance to showcase their skills.

“We play a few pieces for strings only, band only, and then combine to play as a full orchestra,” Wilton said. “Everyone gets a chance to be in the spotlight and then come together as one.”

“The great thing about Creighton’s music ensembles is that they are open to all students regardless of major,” Wilton said.

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