If you’ve seen a small dog in a pearl collar with pink painted nails being walked around the Lied Education Center for the Arts, chances are she’s getting ready for her Wednesday premiere in the spring production of “Legally Blonde” here at Creighton.

Sparkle, a 13-year-old dog, is playing the memorable role of Bruiser Woods in the show. She plays the sidekick to the main character, Elle Woods.

Sparkle’s life hasn’t always been geared toward the Broadway stage. She originally competed for the American Kennel Club in her earlier years. She received close to 60 awards with her original owners.

Her current owner, Stephen Sheftz, is a resident instructor for musical theatre and voice in the Fine and Performing Arts Department. Sheftz has been in 71 productions of musicals and operas and has served as Musical Director and Conductor for 49 productions. 

Sheftz currently serves as the conductor for “Legally Blonde” and a mentor to students within the production.

Sheftz inherited Sparkle after her previous owners, June and Stephen, passed away in April and December of 2018, respectively. 

The Sheftz family’s neighbors gifted Sparkle to the family after the death of Stephen Jr.’s sister, Debbie. 

Sparkle also had one litter of puppies after her retirement from competition.

While this is Sparkle’s first show, it will hopefully not be her last. Her dream roles are Porthos from “Finding Neverland” or Mr. Woofles in “Bullets over Broadway.”

Sparkle finally noted that while she enjoys treats, she most values hugs from her adoring fans.

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