"Dinosaur UpROAR" exhibit at Lauritzen Gardens

"Dinosaur UpROAR" appeals to young and old. 

Dinosaurs have arrived to Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The “Dinosaur UpROAR” exhibit opened in late January and has brought in visitors of all ages, mixing childhood fun with relaxation.

Located in Lauritzen Gardens, 20 life-sized dinosaur installations are scattered throughout different foliage in the garden to provide a realistic prehistoric environment for visitors.

“With discovery stations and plenty of educational activities and special events scheduled throughout the exhibit,” says the Lauritzen Garden website, “It is bound to be a RAWR-ing good time in the garden.”

The dinosaurs were created by artist Guy Darrough, a self-taught fossil collector and illustrator. Darrough’s main collection of fossils is from Missouri, but he has traveled across the United States, Canada and Morocco.

Students from Creighton who visited the exhibit noted it was more fun than they had imagined.

“I honestly didn’t think it would be that great because I’m not a big dinosaur person,” said College of Nursing sophomore Lauren Tuch, “but it was really relaxing and it was refreshing to be in the garden.”

While most of the visitors present were young children, Tuch noted that “honestly anybody” could enjoy the exhibit. 

“It’s a good way to kind of go relax, chill, learn about new things,” said Tuch. “I had more fun than I thought.”

Tuch noted her favorite part was the “volcano at the front that erupted every thirty minutes,” and meeting Stan, the Tyrannosaurus skull.

For those still worried that the exhibit is more geared for kids, Lauritzen Gardens has also provided a more adult-centered experience.

On Feb. 21 and March 7, Lauritzen Gardens will host Adult Only Dino-Nights for those over the age of 21. A cash bar will be available with beer, wine and a signature cocktail. Non-members pay $20 for admission and one drink ticket.

Other events throughout the exhibit’s stay include educational lectures, dinosaur-themed yoga and canvas painting.

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