Playing trivia for prizes is a draw for dozens of teams across Omaha most nights of the week.

Many of the bars around the area offer this late-night activity for their customers once a week, but these nights differ from place to place, so you could potentially spend every night of the week out with your friends and win big while you’re at it.

Most patrons of these trivia nights agreed on one thing: The host is the best part of playing trivia.

“The host will make or break it,” says Curt Foerster, a weekly patron of Varsity Sports Cafe & Roman Coin Pizza. Many of the local bars sport continuous service to bring in the customers, and “the food is bomb,” said Foerster’s teammate Kevin Bradley.

Jeff Nelsen, the leader of the team “Jeff Sucks,” said that the host brought him in, and the $1 tacos kept him coming back to his local Two Fine Irishmen. Nelsen wasn’t the only one. Another patron, David Yee, recognized the host’s voice as Bickham from a local radio show on Z92.

Getting out is the first step. The players have found the social aspect of these competitions a huge positive.

Players from a team going only by “Page 8” said it is an amazing opportunity to pick each other’s brains for information. Everyone has different strengths, and well-educated people like college students can do really well at these trivia nights.

Both solo players and large groups compete for the top spots and some locations have as many as 20 teams competing. This level of competition can be another huge draw.

Prizes vary from location to location, but usually the top three teams win gift cards to the bar to help fund your night the next week. These can vary from $40 to $10 depending on location.

“How will you know if you like it if you don’t go ahead and try,” Yee said.

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