Dear Brenda Bluejay:

I’m afraid my friends are going to forget about me when I study abroad next semester. It’s hard to stay in touch overseas, so how do I maintain my friendships for when I get back?

Please help! 

-Major FOMO 

Hi Major Fomo!

It’s so exciting that you get to study abroad. A lot of students might not have that opportunity, so my first piece of advice is to look forward to all the amazing experiences you are going to have overseas. I know it’s hard to imagine leaving your friends behind and dropping the life you have here at Creighton, but I promise you that you will experience so many enriching, unbelievable things. 

I would start by voicing your concerns to your friends. I am sure they are just as nervous that you are going to study abroad, make a bunch of friends and forgot about them as well! Make the most of your friendship with them while you are here this semester so you all can have those memories during times you might miss them a little extra. Go out to hole-in-the-wall restaurants, see that foreign film at Film Streams or just spend a night-in together. You won’t regret it in a few months. 

After that, make sure you have a way to communicate with your friends back home when you are away. If you aren’t getting a phone plan while abroad, Facebook Messenger or Skype are great for friends who may not have an Apple phone. Set up a time every other week with your friends to catch up and share stories about what’s going on at Creighton and wherever you may be going! Stick to this time and treat it as if you were actually hanging out with your friends. They will value your dedication to maintaining that friendship and you’ll still feel like you’re a part of their lives. 

If all else fails, see if any of your friends have room in their budget to visit you over fall break. Depending on where you are going, it might be expensive but if they are willing to travel, you could make some amazing memories. 

I know it can be scary to leave behind the comforts of Creighton, but look foward to the wonders of the world!

Roll Jays,

Brenda Bluejay

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