Local Filmmakers Showcase screens at Film Streams

Local Filmmakers Showcase screens at Film Streams

On Nov. 4, Film Streams debuted an encore production of their annual Local Filmmakers Showcase at the Ruth Sokolof Theater in downtown Omaha.

The premier of the Local Filmmakers Showcase on Nov. 1 was located at the Film Streams in Dundee. An after-party took place to commemorate the featured artists and films.

The showcase featured films from creators who live in Nebraska. The films were submitted to the Film Streams website, which were then narrowed down to a select number for premier at the showcase.

The artists were chosen by a team of curators that evaluated the submissions.

All of the filmmakers had been working in their areas for a decent amount of time, and they worked hard on the pieces they submitted to the competition.

This year, Film Streams selected 12 films. The titles of the films were “We are Aurora,” “The Headliner,” “Kap,” “End of the Maze,” “As Thick as Thieves,” “Seeing with Sound,” “Secret ingredient: a pinch of love,” “Now or Forever,” “To Kill a Stoat,” “A Very Unmerry Early November,” “I’m Just Saying” and ”Stinton Prism Incense.” The 12 movies were chosen out of 48 submissions overall.

The films had a variety of topics. Each offered a unique take.

“Stinson Prism Incense” was selected by a jury to be presented in the Dundee Theater’s microcinema.

“We chose to show one particularly strong voice, Diane Degan’s ‘Stinson Prism Incense,’ in the microcinema for two reasons: its nod to cinéma-vérité makes it a compelling document of its time and its nonlinear narrative allows viewers to move in and out of it without the constrints of more traditional storytelling,” said Peter Fankauser, one of the jurors for the showcase.

Film Streams stated, “Viewers of our twelfth annual celebration of regional talent will be treated to an animated parable, a trippy music video, a loose collage set to sunny tunes, narrative dramas about child slavery and a stand-up comic’s fateful return, a barrelful of hearty comedies and documentaries on remarkable people from Nebraska.”

The artistic lens of each filmmaker was extremely prevalent throughout their films. It offered a way to look into the artists’ perceptions of the world and their views.

Overall, the event was extremely successful. Film Streams had a good turnout for the original premier on the Nov. 1 and for the encore presentation. The showcase offered a look into each filmmaker’s imagination and creativity.

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