24th Street ribbon cutting

The Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, S.J., speaks at the opening ceremony of the newly renovated 24th Street. Hendrickson said the pillars at California Plaza and the monument at Cass Street will mark campus boundaries, fostering a greater sense of community.

The newly renovated 24th Street was officially debuted on Sept.24 as the Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, S.J. cut the ribbon of the $6.8 million redesign.

The street has been reduced to one lane in either direction as it passes through campus. The addition of separating each lane with medians was designed to make the crossing safer for students. Furthermore, a four-exit roundabout was implemented at Cass Street and will now be known as Haddix Circle.

One notable feature that was removed from campus was Deglman Circle.

With Deglman Circle removed, the primary pick-up and drop-off area will now be at the parking lot next to the Lied Education Center for the Arts.

Coale Johnson, the associate director of Planning, Design & Construction, explained why the following changes were made to 24th Street.

“The primary reason was safety,” Johnson said. “We wanted to be able to slow down traffic, and getting students across 24th was always a challenge, especially when we had a lot of people crossing at the same time.

“There will be some learning curve getting students across the street,” Johnson added. “But the overall impression that we have got from others has been very positive.”

Bike lanes were added on 24th Street to increase the safety for bikers.

“There are now dedicated bike lanes on 24th,” said Michael Reiner, the assistant vice president of Public Safety.

“Thinking long term, we want the city to be bike-friendly so that people use bikes more and cars less from a sustainability perspective.”

At the opening ceremony of the new 24th Street, Hendrickson offered a speech to commemorate the occasion.

“We are pleased to do our part in improving the neighborhood with safeguarding travelers,” Hendrickson said. “In addition to beautifying the area, pillars at California Plaza and a monument at Cass Street will mark our campus boundaries, fostering a greater sense of community. We are excited for our students and the Creighton community to enjoy the enhancements in the hub of our campus.”

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