Program coordinators, alumni and faculty came together last Thursday to encourage current students to study abroad.

There were more than 20 programs including Encuentro Dominicano, FLPA in Peru and Creighton in Spain.

Melanie Brisse, an employee for the International Student Exchange Programs, one of the many programs coordinators at the event, supported the idea of studying somewhere different in the world.

“Studying abroad really helps students have an experience that helps to shed light on their field of study from a different perspective,” said Brisse. “It is important from an academic perspective, but it is also important from a personal development perspective because students are able to go into a different cultural environment and see general life in the world from a different perspective as well,” she added. 

“That challenges an important learning process that helps students grow tremendously, mature and become better prepared for the real world.”

Zach Muskin, employee of International Studies Abroad said any college student is able to study abroad.

“Everyone would be eligible if they are a college student and meet certain GPA requirements,” said Muskin. “Pretty much anybody can find a program.”

The Study Abroad Fair hopes to enlighten students in the many countries they can go, but can also show them the many possibilities they would have while being there.

Andres Guevara, Heider College of Business sophomore, is interested in studying in Europe.

“I am already studying abroad,” said Guevara. “I am here from the Dominican Republic, but I feel like I want to expand my horizons and get to know new cultures and the different points of view people have in Europe. That would be an amazing experience.”

Amelia Taule, sophomore Heider College of Business student, is hoping to go to Portugal or Greece next summer.

“You get a different experience and you get to travel more,” said Taule. “When you are already in Europe it is so easy to just take a plane or flight for $40 to get to the other side of the country, so I really want to do that this summer.” 

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