Jesuit Gardens Light

The new lights help make a popular spot on campus even brighter. 

The Jesuit Gardens are one of the most popular spots on campus for students and faculty. Whether it is to relax, study or simply hang out, the beauty of the Gardens attracts many people.

The Rev. Don Doll, S.J. was enthused and pleasantly surprised to see the renovations that were done on the Gardens this summer.

“Over the summer, I was overseas,” Doll said. “Well, I came home around 1:30 a.m., my plane was late and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is beautiful!’” Doll said.

Doll, whose room in the Ignatius House overlooks the Gardens said he loves living there and enjoys the view.

The new lights are an addition to the previously existing lights, small aluminum fixtures along the sidewalks.

“There was no lighting [before], except those kind of aluminum things along the pathway which I’ve always hated— I think they look so dumb!” Doll said. “I’ve been on campus about 40 years and I thought, ‘Where did we get those homemade lightings?’”

The aluminum lights still remain after the project and even with the new lighting, Doll said other renovations still need to be made.

“The last major renovation was the little grotto to the Virgin Mary,” Doll said. “It’s crumbling; something needs to be done about that.”

Doll also said he thought fixing up the north side of the observatory should be considered and that the Rev. Timothy Lannon, S.J. mentioned that three Japanese Maple Trees will be planted in the near future.

The new lights were given as a gift to Creighton by Jerry McKay and his company, McKay Landscape Lighting, Inc.

“I donated the project because I have had the privilege to know so many Jesuits and thought it would be a great way to give back to them for all they have done for me and my family,” McKay said.

“I especially wanted the gift to honor Fr. Robert Leiweke, S.J. who has been a dear friend since 1977. He is retired and living at St. Camillus in Milwaukee,” McKay said. “Even though my wife Cheryl and I graduated from Seattle University, and our son is in graduate school at Marquette, our gratitude and tradition with Creighton is deep. My grandfather, mother, uncles, sister and daughter all attended Creighton. My daughter Claire is currently in the Magis program.”

Doll and the rest of the Jesuits are excited about the new lights outside their windows. This generous gift to the university will make the Gardens stand out on campus and make the space more enjoyable for students. 

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