Twelve new COVID-19 cases were reported on the Creighton Coronavirus Dashboard for the week ending Sept. 5. Creighton has reported a total of 107 cases since move-in.

Of the new cases, one employee and 11 students are reported to have tested positive.

The dashboard is updated each Monday by the Associate Vice Provost for Student Development W. Wayne Young Jr. and includes positive cases, test re- sults, isolation capacity, academic operations, and PPE and cleaning supply availability.

“I’d love to see the number [of cases] at zero, but given the fact that we have a campus of individuals that just descended on our campus from around the world less than one month ago, I am pleased to see numbers on our campus going down” said Dr. Carrie Hoarty, director of Student Health Education and Compliance. “I am hopeful that Creighton community members did not let their guards down over the Labor Day weekend.”

The dashboard now has a place for re- sults from tests performed at the Creigh- ton COVID-19 Testing Center through a partnership with TestNebraska.

During the week ending Sept. 5, about 245 students and 31 employees were tested at the CU testing site, lo- cated in the Kiewit Fitness Center, ac- cording to the dashboard. The results of those tests are pending.

The results of tests performed at the on-campus TestNebraska site go direct- ly to the individual who took the test, but each person completes a release of information form when they sign up.

Anyone who is tested is asked to forward the results to, Hoarty said.

“We keep track of who has [been] tested each day, so when we are miss- ing results, we can email the students requesting their results,” Hoarty said.

Students and employees can sign up for a COVID-19 test at the on-campus testing location by visiting the Fall 2020 Campus Reopening page at creighton. edu and navigating to Preventive Measures and COVID-19 Testing. There are 200 tests available each day.

The dashboard also reports that 17 of Creighton’s 167 quarantine and isolation spaces are in use, leaving about 90% available.

When someone alerts Student Health Education and Compliance of their COVID-19 status, contact tracers reach out to get a list of all the people they’ve been in contact with, Hoarty said.

Contacts include people the individual has been around for more than 15 minutes without a mask. Hoarty said a person with symptoms goes into isolation for 10 days, while any contacts go into quarantine for 14 days to give time for symptoms to develop.

As the university nears the 30-day mark, the Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ, said in an email Thursday that CU won’t yet be loosening restrictions.

“Based on current figures, and recommendations from health professionals, we do not anticipate transitioning into Phase 2 at this time,” Hendrickson said.

For the week ending Sept. 5, the Douglas County Health Department reported 588 positive cases out of 6,117 tests.

The positive test rate for the county for that week is about 9.6%, according to the Douglas County dashboard.

As of Sept. 9, the state COVID-19 dashboard reports a total of 36,477 coronavirus cases in Nebraska.

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