Giving Day

Creighton celebrates the campus tradition of Giving Day with various opportunities for students and staff to donate to support Creighton’s advancement while taking advantage of the food trucks, snow cones and lawn games parked on the mall across from St. John’s.

Creighton’s annual Giving Day celebration returned to campus with food trucks, snow cones and lawn games stretched up and down the mall, highlighting a 24 hour celebration for everyone on campus to support the university’s advancement efforts. 

The event took place down the center of campus’s main artery, and all students, faculty and staff were invited to make a stop to take part in the festivities while going about their day. 

A snow cone vendor along with four different food trucks serving burgers, barbeque and grilled cheese sandwiches circled the St. John’s fountain. 

Despite the clouds and windy weather, the event drew a massive crowd with lines trailing down the walkway to Swanson Hall. 

Students were greeted in passing and offered their meal ticket. They could bring this ticket up to either a food truck or the snow cone stand and enjoy their free meal or treat. 

Giving Day puts a spotlight on the organizations and campus resources that are made possible through donations. 

As students trickled through the setup they came across several boards and tables with a QR code to scan. 

Kari Giles of Creighton’s University Relations was stationed at one of these tables ready to assist students with any questions. 

They were directed to a website displaying a variety of campus organizations and projects. Students could donate specifically to the clubs, buildings and specific academic programs that make up what’s important to them at Creighton. 

“They can choose anything they’d like to donate to,” Giles said. 

In the top right corner of the screen, students could also track the amount of donors, total dollars raised and the 24 hour countdown displaying the time left for Giving Day. 

Students who donated at least $20 received a pair of Creighton socks as a thank you gift for their generosity. 

Max Kosch, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, donated $20 to the Reinert Alumni Memorial Library. 

“I picked Reinert because it’s so broad, every Creighton student is going to be involved with it one way or another during their time here so I think it’s good that they can use it for improvements,” Kosch said. 

A main focus and the overarching recipient of the Giving Day donations this year will be Creighton’s Forward Blue campaign. The campaign began in 2016 with a goal of reaching $650 million. 

The money allocated to the Forward Blue campaign will serve a wide variety of things on campus including funding for campus improvements, scholarship expansion and essential student services among various others.

Funding may also be allocated to creating more opportunities in the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship along with the Kingfisher Institute for the Liberal Arts and the Professions. 

The campaign so far has collected upwards of 70% of its target funding and is predicted to reach its goal in 2024 according to the Creighton Alumni and Friends website updates. 

“Giving Day has turned into one of the most important days for Creighton,” the Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, .S.J., said in a video sent to the entire student body. 

Creighton has entered a pivotal period in time with three major construction sites on campus and the second largest freshman class in history enrolled this past fall. 

With so much talk of the future plans for campus and the improvements that can be made, Creighton’s current community raised $265,000 with eight hours still left on the clock. 

This day has become a tradition not only on Creighton’s campus but at the Creighton Phoenix location as well. There will be coffee and conversations planned around Giving Day in the Spirit Lounge of the Phoenix campus.

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