This holiday season, Creighton’s running club is partnering with ShoeGood, a not-for-profit organization whose mission, according to its website,, is to “collect and sell shoes globally to raise funds for local initiatives.”

College of Arts and Sciences junior and president of the running club, Grant MacKinnon, is thrilled to be doing this drive for the first time on Creighton’s campus. MacKinnon claims that, “This drive is special because it is occurring at a time of year where we must look towards those less fortunate than ourselves and use our means to help provide in any way we can.

“With the holidays approaching, I believe we will have a great turnout,” said MacKinnon.

Club member and College of Arts and Sciences junior Katherine Lubar described the work of ShoeGood:

“ShoeGood is an organization that sends used shoes to developing communities in the US and other countries,” said Lubar.

ShoeGood’s site further explains that its shoe recycling program is easy for those contributing, environmentally-conscious, and makes “essential footwear available to the less fortunate.”

The company claims to uphold a “triple bottom line,” which puts the personal and environmental aspects of business on equal footing with the goal of making a profit. In terms of people, ShoeGood hopes to reach “as many local causes as possible” in order to collect and distribute a maximum number of shoes. And with the environment in mind, ShoeGood aims to reduce waste by recycling and repurposing still-usable shoes.

“While 300 million pairs of shoes end up landfills each year,” reads a statement on, “We find second homes to keep your kicks treading.”

In addition, the running club will earn $2 from ShoeGood for every donated pair. The club plans to use that money on racing bibs.

The drive will be held from Monday, Nov. 30 until Friday, December 18. Donation bins will be placed at multiple locations around campus to make the drop-off process quick and accessible.

Lubar also stressed that, “The shoes must be tennis shoes/sneakers that are in good, wearable condition without any holes or tears.”

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