CSU Presidential Election Debate

The Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates for CSU student body offices debate in Skutt.

The Creighton Students Union presidential and executive vice presidential candidates shared their platforms and goals with the student body during a debate prefacing their campaign goals.

The presidential candidates were: freshman Shams Hassiki in the College of Arts and Sciences, sophomore Quinlan Cote in the College of Arts and Sciences, junior Greg Gonzalez in the Heider College of Business and junior Fineas Herrera in the College of Arts and Sciences. The executive vice presidential candidates were: junior Jason Cao in the College of Arts and Sciences, Luke Griswold in the Heider College of Business (running with Hassiki) and Marcella Pathirage in the College of Arts and Sciences (running with Cote) who was not present at the debate.

The candidates spent the first part of the debate responding to questions asked by the moderators of the panel before answering questions from the crowd. Students asked about making Creighton a more inclusive environment for minorities and fairly allocating funding. “We need to promote more programs on campus, but also in the community, to include more people, especially of color and diverse backgrounds,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez focused on his experience with leadership, including roles at Creighton and an internship at the United States House of Representatives, and his dedication to service.

“From a young age I’ve been serving for the betterment of people and I will continue to do that as president of the Creighton Students Union,” Gonzalez said.

Hassiki, an international student from Tunisia, campaigned on the promise of bringing a unique viewpoint to CSU.

“I come from a very different culture and we use different metrics, so even though I might be a few years younger than my competition, I have lived in a very different environment where it was so hard to create the fifteen or so events that I did in the past and to work with my peers,” Hassiki said. “I am sure that the experiences I have lived in the past are even more applicable here than back home.”

Cote discussed his dedication to Creighton and all of the students.

“I believe I have set realistic goals, I believe I have set realistic foundations for what I need to do,” Cote said during his closing statement. “My background and communication with others has allowed me to gain knowledge of what the Creighton student body wants.”

Herrera promised to address multiple issues including limiting classes on Fridays, installing gardens on campus and bettering food services on campus.

“I think that that’s what we need, just a simple and concrete set of goals that you want accomplished and I think that I can get all of those done in one year,” he said.

Voting was open to all students.

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