Jack and Ed’s convenience store will soon have more fruit and healthy options.

According to Lucas Novotny, the Senior Director for Housing and Auxiliary Services, the legislation has been passed.

“We will pass the legislation onto Creighton Dining for their ordering implementation,” Novotny said.

Students brought up the idea to provide healthier options in Jacks and Ed’s in a weekly resident hall meeting in Kiewit Hall, according to Kiewit Hall president Hunter Neumayer.

A survey was then sent out to all Kiewit Hall residents, in which a total of 253 students responded in the first two days of the survey. There were 243 yes votes recorded amongst the residents of Kiewit, showing many had an interest in a greater variety of fruit in the local convenience store.

“I was glad that it came together so quickly,” said Neumayer, who was surprised by the amount of responses it got in the first few days and how quickly they occurred.

Neumayer and Heider College of Business student, Ben Nielsen, began writing up

legislation to Sodexo, explaining why their needs to be a change in the amount of healthy options such as fruit in Jack and Ed’s.

Kiewit Hall resident director Isaac Ortega encouraged the hall council to consider the change. Ortega was also a big part in the distribution of the survey to all Kiewit residents, of which was attached to the legislation.

The legislation was completed and then sent on March 28 to Trevor J. Sandidge, the Inter Residence Hall Government President, and a student in the Heider College of Business.

Sandidge then presented the idea to Novotny the next day, who approved of the

legislation and will begin discussing with partners in Creighton dining for their ordering implementation.

“In the coming weeks, we work with our partners in Creighton Dining to source these options on a regular basis…[ensuring] a variety of fresh fruits are available for students,” Novotny said.

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