Creighton students gathered on Wednesday, March 23, at the Dubliner Pub for a fundraiser event for Dance Marathon, an on-campus philanthropy event and organization that raises money for the Omaha Children’s hospital. 

The social fundraiser was held in the evening to allow people to come and contribute. Seth Miller, executive director of Dance Marathon, said the event was part of a greater mission for Dance Marathon on Creighton campus to raise “$64,000 for 64 new rooms in the hospital in the pediatric intensive care unit.” 

It also provided space to learn more about the organization and the Dance Marathon event, which is an annual “8 hour celebration of life with activities, food and of course dancing,” according to Dance Marathon’s CUInvolved webpage. 

Students attending came for a variety of reasons, from being involved through Fraternity and Sorority Life to getting to see new and familiar faces. 

“I love that all the money raised goes directly to children’s hospitals,” Emily Klawiter, recruitment chair for Dance Marathon, said. “My favorite part of the event was seeing so many different people coming in to support it. It was super fun to see everyone there and all supporting the same cause but each for their own reasons.” 

“I went to the event to support Dance Marathon and to support FSL,” Creighton student and FSL member Emily Carlson, said. “They do a great job of gathering the community together in order to raise money for the children.” 

Many students attended the event to socialize and learn about the cause. People were seen throughout the establishment talking about the event and the cause. Those that were 21 and over could purchase a wristband to support the event and have a few drinks. 

Miller said that he hopes the organization’s efforts and events like these “make Dance Marathon more than an FSL centered event.” 

“I think this event was really smart,” Peggy Dunn, a Creighton student and FSL member, said. “It was cool to see so many members of the Creighton community come together, especially on a school night, to support the amazing cause.” 

When asked why the event was hosted at the Dubliner Pub, Miller said Dance Marathon seeks “to fundraise and help children that are disaffected, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while doing it.” 

When asked about the event and if there should be more events like it, Klawiter said, “there’s no reason why service and philanthropy events like this one can’t be more common.” 

“Hosting fun events really encourages more people to attend and get involved so hopefully that momentum can continue,” Klawiter said. “While we don’t have anything set in stone yet, we are planning more fun events for Dance Marathon so be watching out for those in the future.”

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