Mass at Morrison

New students gather at Morrison Stadium for a Mass on Aug. 16 that celebrates the beginning of the school year. In accordance with Creighton's COVID-19 Com unity Standards, each student was required to wear a face covering and remain at least 6 feet apart. 

On Aug. 12, Creighton welcomed the class of 2024 from a distance of 6 feet. Compared to previous years, move-in and Welcome Week looked significantly different. Instead of the crowd of Welcome Week leaders hauling suitcases, mini-fridges and futons up the stairs and into the freshmen dorms, spaced out move-in sessions were assigned so that small groups of freshmen were able to move in while adhering to the new safety guidelines.

Although the class of 2024 was unable to experience the traditional routine, Alex Klingman, College of Arts and Sciences sophomore and RSP guide, explained how this model of move-in was perceivably better.

“Move-in was a lot better because instead of sitting in line for an hour, freshmen were able to start unpacking immediately. I felt bad because we didn’t get to help people move in their stuff directly, but as a result, it wasn’t as chaotic,” Klingman said.

Rather than experience a full week of activities, 2020’s Welcome Week was reduced to two days.

“On Saturday, we had lunch, CU survival, dinner and ice breaker activities on Morrison field. On Sunday, we concluded with lunch and ‘Be a Bluejay’ webinar,” Klingman said.

Because of the short amount of time allocated, Welcome Week left a lot to be desired. “I wish we got a campus tour,” said College of Arts and Sciences freshman Hunter Tavares. “A tour would’ve been great so that we could get familiar with campus and where our classes would be.”

Nevertheless, despite the challenges presented, both Klingman and Tavares were grateful for the experience. “Considering the circumstances, Welcome Week was pretty good,” Klingman said.

“It was nice meeting the upperclassmen and other freshmen in our RSP groups,” Tavares said. “Although I wish more time was given, I’m glad that I could make those connections and friendships.”

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