Three small fires were started by a Creigh­ton student at the hand sanitizer stations in Kiewit Hall on Feb. 28.

According to Mike Reiner, assistant vice president of Public Safety, “at 12:39 a.m. Public Safety received a full red fire alarm from Kiewit Hall.”

Public Safety, the Omaha Fire Depart­ment and the Omaha Police Department responded to the incident, according to Resident Director Isaac Ortega and Kristen Schuling, director of residential life.

“Public Safety Officers and the Omaha Fire Department entered the building and discovered the source of the fire in the ele­vator lobby on the [sixth] floor,” Reiner said.

He said that the sprinkler system put out the fire and that smaller fires were discovered on the third and ninth floors.

“There was minor damage to the areas im­mediately surrounding the sanitizer stations. Additionally, some students' belongings were damaged when the sprinkler system ac­tivated,” Ortega said.

Some students were displaced from their rooms due to the damage from the fires.

“The small number of students who were displaced have all returned to their rooms,” Ortega said. “The Residential Life and Housing Office is processing claims to replace students' damaged items.”

Reiner said that the Omaha Fire De­partment Fire Investigation Unit investi­gated the incident and arrested a student on March 5.

“The student was charged with first-de­gree arson and has been banned and barred from campus,” he said.

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