The Interfraternity Council announced this week that two new fraternities will be coming to campus in the spring of 2020 and 2021.

The fraternity of Delta Chi will participate in the upcoming spring formal recruitment, and there is pending colonization for the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi, in the spring of 2021, according to an email from IFC President Grant Goffoy.

IFC started the expansion process this past spring semester, putting out an open call to all national fraternities through the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC).

IFC, with the assistance of its expansion committee comprised of students, faculty and staff, narrowed the search from 20 organizations to three.

College of Arts and Science junior Ethan Elumba said the board gave him an “insightful perspective on the backstage action of fraternity life on campus.”

“It took a lot of time and energy because of the sheer volume of information we had to sift through.” Elumba said.

Katie Kelsey, director of the Student Leadership and Involvement Center, was an active part of the search.

“[We] are looking for an organization that is values-centered, is committed to educating and forming men in a holistic manner, has a strong academic and service-oriented foundation, provides an experience to our men that is engaging, and has a headquarters that is willing to partner with the University and IFC,” Kelsey said.

After two fraternities have been removed from campus in the past three years, the Division of Student Life took a proactive approach to include a new fraternity, or in this case, two.

Kelsey and the team took time to determine if now would be a good time to expand fraternity life.

Of the 228 men who registered for last spring’s recruitment, 43 did not receive a bid.

“Some of the aspects we considered were the number of men released from the process, the number of men who didn’t receive a bid from a fraternity, and the number of opportunities men had to engage in Fraternity Life,” Kelsey said.

Delta Chi Fraternity has laid out an expansion plan in preparation for the following months.

Phase 1 entails training and recruiting a new advisory board; phase 2 will be to educate about the founding fathers; phase 3 will be colony development; phase 4 is the official charter; and phase 5 includes post chartering support from alumni.

Goffoy expressed excitement in regard to the new addition to Fraternity and Sorority Life.

“A new fraternity will not only allow more men on our campus to have a chance to participate in fraternity life but will also allow those men to develop fraternal relationships they may not have been able to develop outside of fraternity life.”

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