Rumors abound about when both Starbucks will be open on campus again, but at this point in the semester the outlook is grim and students must continue to divide their time between Harper and Skutt. 

According to the latest Creightonian Starbucks update on Feb. 24, supervisor Jenna Erickson had hopes that both Starbucks would open soon. 

Creighton senior and Starbucks barista Camryn Halboth recently echoed similar sentiments, but there are still no definitive reopening dates. 

“There is talk that both want to/should open but I have no confirmation of when or how,” Halboth said in an email interview. 

Hours of the Harper and Skutt Starbucks are based on the timing of school tours for prospective students which start in the Harper Center. Opening both locations could strain staff more as they are already spread thin. 

“If we opened both there is a chance that we wouldn’t be fast enough or have enough people (or sufficiently trained people that know what they are doing),” Halboth said. 

Longer lines might still be a reality even if both Starbucks are open due to low numbers of baristas. 

Skutt and Harper Starbucks closures have been frustrating for both students and staff. In many circumstances, students have to plan their day and their meetings around which building has coffee available. Starbucks staff are frustrated by a lack of employees to help make coffee for caffeine-deprived students. 

“The closure has been frustrating because students are frustrated, but I can’t change anything… and not many people are willing to apply to work,” Halboth said. “People are upset, but are not as concerned with the experiences of the workers, just mostly not getting their coffee when they want it.” 

With no clarity on when Starbucks will be open in both buildings again, Creighton hurdles toward the end of the semester with frustrated employees and students. 

This presents the perfect storm of a period of peak study and Starbucks hours for students combined with the times least desirable to work keeping in mind that many of the baristas will also tackling final exam season.

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