The Creighton Students Union cabinet  their biweekly meeting to discuss plans for upcoming events on campus and to hear from representatives from several organizations asking for funding.  

The first group that the cabinet heard from was two students asking for funding for a memorial running event. The event is being planned for June 3 in order to raise money for a scholarship that will be available to physical therapy and pharmacy students at Creighton.  

“Throughout the years this has been a really impactful event for the physical therapy and pharmacy programs,” said one of the representatives for the event. “It’s a great way to bring students together to get them to know each other.” 

The money from the scholarship will come from ticket and T-shirt sales at the event, and the group asked for $2,000 from the cabinet in order to help with the cost of setting up the run. The cabinet unanimously voted to support the cause and provide the funding. 

The second group that the cabinet heard from was a representative for the various graduate schools at Creighton. The representative presented on plans for a graduate school mixer event. The event will be available to all second-year graduate students and will be “Bachelor” themed with appetizers and an open bar. The cabinet unanimously voted to provide the funding for the event, with the date to be set in the near future. 

The third and final group that presented to the cabinet were two students from Creighton’s Phoenix campus, who Zoomed in to the meeting to ask for funding for an Olympic-style event. The event will feature various games of both athletic and intellectual sorts, varying from kickball and capture the flag to chess and Pictionary.  

The event has been held at the Phoenix campus in the past, and according to the representatives there is heavy student interest in it this year.  

The cabinet voted unanimously in favor of funding the event, contingent on the detail that the group does not use the money to purchase any athletic equipment, but rather to rent it.  

After hearing from the three groups, the cabinet discussed several other matters pertaining to updates happening around the Omaha campus.  

One such event that the cabinet discussed is the possibility for a March Madness bracket challenge. If planning succeeds, “Billy’s Bracket Challenge” will have students submit their brackets for a chance at winning various prizes in a raffle. The higher the bracket places will allow more raffle entrances for that student.

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