Sophomore residence hall McGloin has been infested with cockroaches for the past few weeks, with residents saying they have found them in showers, beds and hallways.

“The recent university-contracted pest control treatment displaced some roaches into the hall, which is a common result of routine treatment,” said Lucas Novotny, senior director of housing and auxiliary services. “Building staff is aware and is working to address all reported instances.”

Novotny also noted that they always encourage students to report any residence hall incidents so that their team can address the problem as soon as possible.

“I found one in our hallway like two- to-three weeks ago and they’ve gotten a lot worse since then,” said Annie Jensen, College of Arts and Sciences sophomore. “People are literally finding them in their beds.”

Resident adviser Bretta Nienow said cockroaches are common in this time of year, and actions are being taken to correct the problem.

“Maintenance staff have been doing their best in responding to the issue,” Nienow said. “They’ve sent the ‘bug man’ to our hall weekly since the first request.”

According to the reports in the front desk of McGloin, the first report of cockroaches was on Nov. 5. Three were found on the fourth floor, and there have been a rough total of 10 reported cases.

“I hope that the issue is resolved soon because the amount of reports we’ve had thus far is alarming,” said Andrew Plouff , desk receptionist at McGloin.

“If people keep finding cockroaches, they should make sure to report to the
desk receptionist because it’s important for us to keep a record of it.”

The cockroaches seem to have started out in the fourth floor trash room of McGloin and have since started to spread to the rest of the building.

Resident adviser Neha Lamsal hasn’t seen or heard cockroach issues on her floor, which is the first floor of McGloin. “There haven’t been any on my floor,” Lamsal said. “However, I know that the issue is being resolved.” Nienow also said that the cleaning staff has been very attentive on keeping their hallways and trash rooms extra clean to further prevent this issue from spreading more than it already has.

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