This past month, the Food and Drug Administration announced a shortage of the formulation that creates amphetamine mixed salts, more commonly known as Adderall.

One of the manufacturers of this drug, Teva, has experienced recurring delays in production, and although other producers have continued to manufacture Adderall, it is not meeting the demands across the United States market. Adderall shortages at Teva are predicted to restore in the upcoming month, although it is also predicted this shortage will continue on to January.

Adderall is an FDA-approved troyatment for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), as well as narcolepsy. This medicine shortage has forced consumers to use alternative versions to Adderall.

This shortage across the United States has raised concerns among many people - including college students.

John Cordes, a senior in the Heider College of Business said, "It's hard for people like me who have to take Concerta their entire life to not have access. I know for me when I dont have it it changes my personality completely. It's hard when there is a shortage to get access to a drug you really need for studying and to be who you want to be."

This shortage of a commonly used drug among college students has also pointed awareness at how Creighton will respond to this shortage and what mental health resources they have to offer.

Senior Abby Rick shared her feelings on Creighton's response as, "I have problems with Creighton's resources in general for ADHD. I tried to get help from Creighton's resources freshman year and their system is intricate and not accessible for people who struggle with this kind of deficit."

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