Mechanical Bull

Gracie Peterson and Charlotte Jung table together at the Dance Marathon fundraising booth. 

 Creighton’s Dance Marathon hosted a preliminary fundraising event on the mall. This fundraiser’s main attraction was a mechanical bull which cost $5 to ride. 

For Dance Marathon volunteer and college of Arts and Sciences senior Molly Conway, “it is a big push day for fundraising to reach our goal this year to support children’s hospitals”.  

Along with that, Conway stated that this event is about getting, “more people registered and set up their Facebook fundraisers and fundraise, so we have more than just the main event to contribute to our fundraising efforts.” 

As for the bull riding, sophomore in the college of Arts and Sciences Ben Strougal said he chose to attend this event because, “I saw the mechanical bull and I wanted to ride it.” Ben said, “It was pretty fun, and I haven’t done it before, so I just wanted to know how it was.” 

The actual Dance Marathon will be on Saturday, Oct. 22 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. College of Arts and Sciences sophomore, Charlotte Jung said, “it supports a children’s hospital in Omaha and last year we got to help contribute to making hospital rooms and we are hoping to make more this year” 

Jung and Conway both encouraged everyone to come out and support because as Molly stated, “It’s a really good cause and we would love support from everyone beyond just the FSL community to register!” To register for Dance Marathon, download the Donor Drive App, and login as a returning participant or register. You can join a team or as an individual, and you can customize your personal page. Once you begin fundraising your progress will appear on the app. 

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