Correction: The previous version of this article stated that the University-sponsored student plan was dissolved, but it has only been discontinued in the new clinic. Students on this insurance plan must pay a co-pay for any services received in the new clinic.

Creighton University leadership officially closed Creighton Student Health Services indefinitely.

CHI Health assumed medical care for Creighton students at the CHI Health Student Care Clinic located at 24th and Cuming St. Creighton’s pharmacy is also now located across the hall from the clinic in the same building.

Student Health Services and Student Counseling had been available for all Creighton students since 2008.

The implications of this change affect numerous aspects of students’ access to medical care.

Angela Maynard, the associate director for Student Health Education and Student Insurance, said that some services formerly accessible at Student Health Services are no longer available at CHI.

“Students have reported that the services are being billed at higher rates than previously offered at Student Health Services,” Maynard said. “Care coordination and continuity of care are more challenging.”

She attributed this difficulty to the protection of medical records and the discrepancies between CHI Health and Creighton.

“CHI records are governed by HIPAA privacy laws, while Creighton records are governed by FERPA privacy laws,” she said. “A release of information must be completed in order for records to be transferred between entities. This means that a student’s health record from Student Health Services has not been transferred to the CHI Health Student Care Clinic.”

In addition to this, Creighton University’s Student Health Insurance Plan, which insured 100 percent coverage for services received at Student Health Services, is no longer available at the CHI Health Student Care Clinic. Students on this plan must pay a co-pay for each visit to the new clinic.

However, Maynard said the CHI Health Student Care Clinic offers “greater appointment availability,” including later hours Monday-Thursday and Saturday hours twice a month.

Furthermore, CHI holds connections with many major insurance carriers.

“The staff in the newly formed Student Health Education and Compliance Office are available to assist students as they navigate this transition,” Maynard added.

This office is now in Markoe Hall, located across from the Old Gym.

Jennifer Peter, the director of Student Counseling Services, said that there does appear to be misinformation.

“Student Counseling remains intact,” Peter said. “The positions that were impacted by the changes were on the Student Health side, unfortunately.”

She added that staff on the counseling side miss their colleagues impacted by the change.

“I can’t necessarily speak clearly as to the reasons why the changes occurred,” Peter said. “We do miss greatly our partnership and access to Student Health Services as it provided seamless collaborative care for our students and we are working to find ways to make that work with the Student Care Clinic at CHI Health.”

Peter added that the counseling services have always been challenged to meet the increased mental health demands of students, but services are still free and visits to the psychiatrist are billed through insurance which has not changed.

“Fortunately, Dr. Haecker remains part of the Student Health and Compliance office as well as our primary physician over at the Student Care Clinic,” Peter said. “Because of that we can make it work.”

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