The College of Arts and Sciences Student Senate held a tabling event advertising applications and awareness for their organization which fosters communication between students, faculty and deans within the College of Arts and Sciences. 

At the table was vice president of public relations, Lianna Chinen who helped to offer free food and spread the word about applications and organization. She, along with the president of Student Senate, Abby Keys, helped network the student body who stopped by for a midday snack by promoting their Instagram and the various events they offer throughout the year. 

“We do midterm study break, final study break, where we have pizza and drinks. Last semester we had faculty appreciation tabling, where we had people write notes to faculty. We did an advising group to give our advice to any grade about classes and what they should be taking,” said Chinen on the various activities Student Senate hosts on campus. 

Chinen advised students to reach out to the Senate about what changes they want to see on campus so that they can better let their voices be heard. 

“My RSP leader was in Arts and Sciences senate, and I always wanted to be in a leadership position, and this was a really interesting way to do that,” said general body member Raj Velakaturi. She joined to, admittedly, be a part of the events they host throughout the year where, “food would mysteriously appear on campus.” 

Velakaturi also noted that she enjoyed being a part of the senate because of how she was able to raise everyone’s spirits, especially during finals week. 

“You get an understanding of how things work on a professional level of how these big events happen or how the school functions.” Velakaturi added. 

Velakaturi was joined by her fellow general student body member, Ellie Fogarty, who said that it was important they were on the mall because, “there’s not a lot of awareness about student representation. It’s good that we do this because the people know they have a voice.” 

Fogarty re-emphasized that the Senate is the connector between the deans and students; the people who have the capabilities to make student’s voices a reality. 

For more information on College of Arts and Sciences Student Senate, you can check out their Instagram, @ccas_studentsenate with a link to apply for their organization in the biography. Additionally, you can reach out to the Senate directly and let your voice be heard.

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