With COVID-19 introducing many challenges for those struggling with mental health, Student Counseling Services has begun to host an “Overcoming Depression” workshop to provide tools and resources for students affected by depression.

The workshop is a recurring event that takes place every two to three weeks through April 28.

According to the Student Counseling Services website, the purpose of these sessions is “to support and offer practical tools and suggestions for getting out of a funk.”

In this hourlong workshop, tips and tools were given to students to help improve their mental health.

Mental health counselor Maddie Moore touched on the importance of this workshop.

“There’s a reason this workshop exists and there’s a reason people attend: It’s because depression is a real, legitimate and common struggle,” Moore said. “No one is as alone in it as they think they are.”

The workshop began with a discussion about stress and stress management and continued with education about depression and its symptoms and common myths. It ended with specific strategies, tools and motivational methods for cop- ing with depression.

Moore further elaborated on the impacts of the pandemic on mental health and its effect on Creighton students.

“Thirteen percent of people ages 18- 25 suffer from depression (our Creighton demographic),” Moore said, “and the COVID pandemic has placed an extra strain on everyone’s mental health by limiting support systems, reducing physical activity, increasing anxiety about getting sick, less access to typical coping skills, adjusting to new lifestyles or rules, etc.”

College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Harper Bergquist agrees that the pandemic has introduced barriers to positive mental health and that these workshops are beneficial for many students.

“Depression isn’t ‘just in your head’ or something that should be treated lightly,” Bergquist said. “Like any other ailment, proper resources are needed to get better, and this workshop is the resource our campus needs.”

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