As Creighton University’s Asian Culture week came to an end, old and new students from the East-West Studies program gathered for the first time around to express their acknowledgements this past Friday.

The theme for the 11th Asian culture week was to “educate on history, tradition, identity.”

The purpose of Asian Culture Week is to show students that the perception that they have of the Asian culture is not the right one. It brings people from different cultures together to introduce them to the broad culture of Asia, this year emphasizing in China, Russia and the Philippines.

Maorong Jiang, director of the Asian World Center, decided to put together for the first time in 11 years a small gathering to recognize the success and the people that made this program possible.

“People do not experience the real things that are happening in Asia,” Jiang said.” That is why this event is so important.”

The East-West studies program not only celebrates Creighton’s longest event but also hosts several lectures, exhibitions, concerts and workshops, to educate students with a different culture throughout the year.

“The Asian Culture Week gives students the opportunity to learn what other western programs do not give you,” said Creighton alumnus Scott Jordan. “The guest speakers talked about things that you usually do not hear in other programs; they teach you what is really happening out there.”

The Asian World Center’s mission is to bring people from all over the world to be part of a close group where everyone has genuine care for each other, Jiang said.

“Despite religion or race, friendship unites us,” Dr. Jiang said. “It does not matter who you are. The whole purpose of this program is to get to know each other; to be the bridge of each culture. The program deepens the understanding of friendship.”

Associate Dean Isabelle Cherney, one of the people that made the East-West Studies program possible expressed a few words.

“We are really lucky to have this program in Creighton,” Cherney said.

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