More than 100 undergraduate, graduate and professional students from Creighton were inducted into Alpha Sigma Nu, the honor society for Jesuit colleges and universities, on Saturday.

Alpha Sigma Nu Student Chapter President and senior in the College of Arts and Sciences Jack Midtlien gave the opening remarks before the inductees walked across the stage to receive their certificates and keys.

The audience in the Hixson-Lied Auditorium in the Mike and Josie Harper Center was filled with family members, friends, spouses, faculty members and Jesuits.

After the inductees received their certificates, the university president, the Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, S.J., said that induction

into the Jesuit honor society is one of the highest honors offered to students at Creighton. He said the members display academic excellence and a commitment to scholarship, service and loyalty to the Jesuit values.

Scholarship, loyalty and service are the three pillars of the organization and the standards that must be met before being accepted into the society.

Thomas Purcell, the faculty adviser for Creighton’s chapter and professor and chair of the accounting department, said students that uphold these pillars also exhibit goodness, humility and justice.

“They are Christ in 10,000 places,” Purcell said of the inductees.

Member of the Alpha Sigma Nu alumni club Dan Pape also took to the podium to congratulate all the new inductees. He encouraged the students to stay connected with the organization.

There was a group photo and reception following the ceremony.

College of Arts and Sciences: junior Kayley Anderson, junior Margaret Atkin- son, senior Michael Backer, junior Michael Bodenhausen, junior Emily Burke, junior Taylor Burke, junior Kendall Cameranesi, junior Krista Chang, senior Nicholas Choi, senior Eilidh Chowanec, junior Emma Curran, junior Anni Dineen, junior Marissa Galardi, junior Kara Grossman, senior Nic Heckenlaible, senior Gracie Holloran, junior Sarah Huber, junior Julia Jobanputra, junior Emily Khoury, senior Danielle Marshall, senior Matthew Matternas, senior Mark May, junior Peter Palencia, junior Haley Pulliam, senior Carly Rademacher, junior Rebekah Rapoza, junior Grace Recker, junior Emily Reeson, senior James Sickler, junior Rizwan Siddiqui, junior Alexandra Van Cleave, senior Siddharth Venkatraman, senior Jacquelyn Wright.

Heider College of Business: junior Margo Lampe, junior Catherine LaRosa, junior Sydney Rand, junior Theodore Tornow, senior Huston Truempi.

College of Nursing: senior Clare Banaszewski, junior Kylee Bohrer, junior Ethan Elumba, senior Mallory Herbst, junior Emily Sanders.

School of Law: Jessica Patach, Donald Rison, Helen Russell.

Graduate School: Ingrid Adelsberger, Gabrielle Beeler, Sara Bharwani, Lacey Craven, Bryce Deline, Nathan Driml, Dominique Honore, Meagen Lloyd, Nicholas Mathy, Kimberly Pladna, William Stanczykiewicz, Laura Steele, Dawn Tolonen, Ashley Zweifel.

School of Dentistry: Bryndon Belnap, Gabrielle Braden, Kieran Caberto, Morgan Eiden, Taylor Ensrude, Maggie Larsen, Derek O’Connor, Patrick Zawadski.

College of Professional Studies: B. Dau Nan.

School of Medicine: Luke Aeilts, Justin Brill, Mackenzie Brown, Nicholas Dubay, Lukas Foster, Hannah Giclas, Bryan Hoeynck, Jeremy Lins, Andrew Mezher, Katherine Nordick, Charles Oertli, Joseph Reznicek, Stephen Rowse.

School of Pharmacy and Health Professions: Mariecarl Baliscaco, Madelin Baysden, Emily Carothers, Taryn Dorius, Brianna Gibbs, Morganne Haer, Rebecca Hassing, Kelsey Koss, Lauren McClung, Mackenzie Moritz, Anne Nikodem, Olivia Nuti, Jaymes Sajczuk, Caroline Schmidt, Claire Schmidt, Melanie Sowards, Shawnalyn Sunagawa, Madeline Willie, Kelli Wrolstad.

Honorary Inductees: Amy Abbott, associate professor in the College of Nursing; Gretchen Oltman, assistant professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies; Todd Salzman, Theology professor; Kate Martens Stricklett, program manager at the Center for Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research.

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