Facilities workers broke ground on the California Street pedestrian mall on Monday.

They are completing the second and third phases of the mall construction. Construction will begin at 22nd street and go to 24th street, and the mall will be closed until early August.

The only available entrance to McGloin Residence Hall will be the north entrance facing the parking lot. There will be a detoured walk way running along the side of the Lied Education Center for the Arts.

A six-foot-tall fence will be around closed areas, along with other fenced barricades that will outline the designated detour routes.

“It adds a couple minutes to get to the west side of campus,” said Betty Straub, resident adviser of Davis Square. “However, I am excited that I won’t have to worry about rolling any more ankles from tripping over loose bricks on the mall. I am thrilled to see the continued efforts to beautify and improve campus.”

Many students on campus have differing opinions about the construction on the mall.

“I wish they would have waited to start construction up again until after school lets out,” said McKenzie Leider, a McGloin Residence Hall resident said. “But I’m excited to walk on the completed mall next year.”

“While right now the walk around may be a minor inconvenience, I really appreciate our university's constant desire for improvement,” said Trevor Sandidge, a Davis Square resident said. “The east half of the mall construction looks great, and I can't wait to see the entire finished product! To some extent, I really appreciate the quick detour sidewalk that was built in front of the Lied Center. As a student who regularly walks from Davis Square to west campus, I hardly notice any difference.”

Phase one of the California Street pedestrian mall resurfacing project started on July 9, 2018, and was scheduled to be completed in November 2018. This project started on 21st street and went all the way to 24th street.

However, because of several rain delays during the fall, workers were only able to complete up to the McGloin entrance during the first phase of construction.

“Twenty-three rain delay days this fall have caused issues for the workers,” the Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, S.J., president of Creighton said in an October email. “But they are hard at work trying to beat freezing temperatures for cement pouring and settling.”

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