Mission Week at Creighton University was kicked off by a set of presentations led by a panel of students.

These Ted Talk style presentations shared students’ perspectives and their journey of hope. This group of students included Patrick Grindey, a junior in the Heider College of Business; Montana Garcia, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences; Fredrick Gil, an Interdisciplinary Leadership graduate student; McKenna Gervais, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences; Jesus Arellano, a Physical Therapy student and Jon Herrington, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Each gave a personal story about their journey to find hope as well as how their definitions of hope can help others.

Each story was drastically different from the next, these perspectives allowed audience attendees both in person and on zoom to reflect on their own experiences and come up with their own definitions of hope. Montana Garcia chose to share her story because,“there are a lot of diff erent defi nitions of hope, and I think that there are stereotypical versions of being hopeful especially at an institution like Creighton,” said Garcia. “I think that wanting to share my story coming from a diverse background is really important, especially creating hope for other students.”

Each presentation lasted roughly ten min-utes and detailed certain experiences in each student’s life that led them to find hope. In his presentation titled, “Finding Hope in Children,” Gil told the story of his losses and disappointments but found that, “messen-gers of hope come from the most unlikely of places.”

In his story, Gil recounted two hard moments in his life, being passed for a promotion and the loss of a friend. In each instance he was reassured by the children in his life. Once by his son and the other by a student, “he, like my son, was able to instill hope in me,” Gil said.

Another presentation called “Hope is a Choice” by McKenna Gervais, a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Spanish shared her story navigating the uncertainty of a cus-tody battle that lasted until she was nineteen. Gervais said that she sees, “hope as something that requires action.”

Each story offered a different encounter of what it means to have hope and showed what it means to persist through diffi cult times. 

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