Parker Rieffenberger will takeover as Creighton Students Union president in 2021, his predecessor Colby Austin announced Tuesday during the virtual State of the Student Address.

Rieffenberger is a sophomore in the Heider College of Business studying economics and political science and is excited to “work on projects that build the Creighton community.”

Rieffenberger said his central goals are getting menstrual products in campus bathrooms, increasing academic opportunities through scholarships and research grants, improving Creighton recycling and creating more in-person events.

Even with extra challenges because of COVID-19 restrictions, Rieffenberger said he can still have an effective term in CSU, along with Executive Vice President Ashley “Nelly” Nelson.

“I plan to work just like I had in the Board of Representatives, making working virtually manageable and not allowing that to get in the way of what we’ve set out to do this coming term,” Rieffenberger said. 

In her address, Austin reviewed her goals for sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, mental health and student needs.

She and her team completed student-centered projects related to these goals, including starting the composting initiative, holding virtual town halls and passing a resolution on implicit bias training.

CSU also passed the fossil fuel divestment Referendum 1902 last year.

“Investment and exposure to fossil fuel companies is down to about 3%,” Austin said.

Austin said CSU supported students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as well, through the town halls, blue queue and a letter to the deans.

“We were able to compose a letter to the undergraduate deans to call for their faculty to have updated grades in the gradebook so students can make an informed pass/no pass decision by that deadline,” Austin said.

Austin concluded her address by announcing the new CSU president, executive vice president and people elected to the House of Delegates.

“CSU will always be an org that is close to my heart,” Austin said.

A newly elected group delegate for the College of Arts and Sciences, junior Hannah Mosher, said goals for the House of Delegates include working with university administration and students, improving sustainability efforts and voicing students' concerns.

“I hope that we will find alternative ways to engage with our peers ... and all of CSU will continue to help students through the pandemic by providing helpful resources to navigate various challenges,” Mosher said.

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