Creighton’s annual Founders Week was celebrated last week from Feb. 1-4 with several events including awards ceremonies that honored students, faculty and staff.

The annual celebration included a Founders Week mass, three different award ceremonies and a Founders Feast for students held at Brandeis Hall.

Sena Morimoto, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, received the Rev. Tom Schloemer, S.J., Outstanding Student Award.

“It’s always good to know when you’re doing something right,” Morimoto said. “[You’re] blessed to be in these positions, and you just have to keep working at it every day.”

Adrienne Pyle, a fourth-year School of Medicine student, was one of the three women who received the Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily Creighton Award.

Pyle said she was extremely honored to receive the award and wanted to thank those who nominated her.

“I would say to them just how incredibly grateful I am that they hold me in such high regard,” Pyle said. “[They] are incredible role models and leaders to me in every sense of the word.”

Shawn Cook, assistant dean for student affairs for Pharmacy and Health Professions, received the Rev. Thomas Lukaszewicz, S.J., Staff or Administrator Award.

Cook, who has worked at Creighton for 15 years, said he hopes to have an impact on the students that walk through his doors.

“I hope that I have just a little slice of an impact throughout their time here at Creighton,” Cook said. “Whether it's just a simple ‘hello’ or a smile, to helping them through a difficult situation.”

Pyle, who has been at Creighton for eight years, said the award meant that much more because it was given to her during Founders Week.

“I think over the years, Founders Week has become more and more to me like an annual recognizing of my call to be an active part of this community to really give back my time and talents,” Pyle said.

Cook said that for him, Founders Week is a reminder to honor the legacy of the founders and the mark they left on Creighton.

“It’s not required of anybody, but I think people should take 15 or 20 minutes and go in Creighton Hall and see the history on the wall [of the founders],” Cook said.

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