Women's March

Students came out in droves to support women of all facets in Creighton's annual Women's March.

Students from across campus joined Creighton’s Lieben Center for Women for the annual Women’s Empowerment at the Skutt Student Center patio on March 31. 

Despite the cold, windy day outside, the event managed to pull together its largest turnout since the start of the pandemic, according to the Lieben Center. 

College of Arts and Sciences senior Olivia Dishno gave a speech about the opportunities she’s been given at Creighton and the improvements the school has made in her time here, including the fact that her and Heider College of Business senior Kate Tietjen were in charge of Welcome Week this year. 

Dishno emphasized how women being in places of power like that can have a positive impact on a community, as well as how women can collectively build that community. 

“Together we can create a community that is inclusive, welcoming and supporting,” Dishno said in her speech. 

Those gathered marched together to the Harper Center and back before posing for a picture on the St. John’s steps. The group then proceeded inside to escape the cold and enjoy refreshments. 

Marchers represented several groups across campus, including several sororities and the Creighton Gender and Sexuality Alliance. 

Marchers also carried signs supporting black women and transgender women in addition to those representing the various student organizations in attendance. 

“I think there’s always progress to be made for women in general,” said Katie Engel, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences who works for the Lieben Center and helped organize the event. “Especially concerning issues in Nebraska right now, making sure we are supporting trans women and nonbinary people. I see Creighton making steps, but I think there are more steps to be made.”  

The annual event was the conclusion of the Lieben Center’s Women’s Empowerment Week, which included several events to promote women’s empowerment. 

“I think that the women’s center needs more resources,” Sydney Westphal, another organizer and College of Arts and Sciences senior, said. “We should be a bigger center to provide for, advocate for and educate the women here on Creighton’s campus.”

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