A man was taken into custody on Creighton’s campus around 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday in relation to a burglary in Iowa earlier this morning, according to police.

CU Alert messages were sent out at 8:26 and 8:36 a.m. stating there was an incident involving burglary on campus and instructing students to stay in buildings and avoid the mall until further notice. Local law enforcement with canine units were sweeping the area, according to the alert.

A second message was delivered that one suspect was in custody, and police were still looking for another.

Sergeant Stephan Davis, of the Omaha Police Department, at 8:11 said that the suspects had come across the Interstate 480 bridge and the car had crashed at approximately 20th and Cass streets.

Davis said the car “came right between the posts on the fence and went underneath the fence,” but caused minimal damage to the fence. Pottawattamie County law enforcement officials were pursuing the vehicle in connection with the burglary and the Omaha Police Department responded to the crash to assist.

Davis said police are “still trying to get a description of suspect.”

According to the Pottawattamie Sheriff's Office, a BB gun was removed from the car at the place of the accident. 

According to Davis, there are “no safety concerns for students right now as there are campus security, Omaha Police personnel” and he believed there is a “Pottawattamie County Sheriff's deputy actively looking for the other suspect.”

Junior in the College of Nursing Katie Torosian was in the library where police were searching for suspects this morning.

“Mass amounts of public safety and police came in and were basically just searching the whole area and going up to every table and looking at everyone,” said Torosian. “They were repeating we couldn’t go anywhere and couldn’t leave and if we saw anyone to call the number.”

While Creighton was never officially on lockdown, there were seven high schools and elementary schools in the Council Bluffs and Omaha area on lockout during the police pursuit.

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