Students gather in Skutt Student Center

Students gather in Skutt Student Center. 

Creighton announced updated COVID-19 requirements Monday afternoon, including reinstating mask requirements for classrooms and labs. 

Students, faculty and staff received an email entitled “Updated COVID-19 Requirements Effective Sept. 1,” which contained an updated list of where and when mask wearing is required on campus versus when it is strongly recommended. 

In the email, the Creighton administration attributed these new guidelines to “the rise of COVID-19 cases in Omaha and Phoenix, and with the ongoing threat of the Delta variant.” 

Reactions to these updated regulations have been varied. 

“We’ve heard that some students are confused by the recent masking requirements posted by the university while others are reassured with the knowledge that Creighton is following in line with other local and state institutions to protect the health of students, faculty, and staff,” CSU President Parker Rieffenberger and Exective Vice President Ashley Nelson said in an email.

Many students have voiced concerns about the lack of communication with students and the vague language used in the announcement. Rieffenberger and Nelson want the students to know that they plan to personally meet with administrators  to discuss students’ concerns about the potentially confusing language in the announcement.

“...[Students] can rest assured knowing that we will be voicing concerns and asking clarifying question to university administrators in the coming days and weeks to make sure that the voice of the entire Creighton Community is heard and understood,” they said. “[Creighton] have gone lengths to make sure that students, faculty and staff feel safe on campus.”

Douglas County’s daily new cases rose from zero on June 6 to 310 on Aug. 31, according to the New York Times.

“Creighton has worked closely with national, state and local public health and government officials — and its own infectious disease and health care experts — throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so during the 2021-2022 academic year,” the email sent to students stated. “The University will remain flexible in its response to keep the campus safe.” 

These newest guidelines will be in effect through “at least Friday, Oct. 1” and will then be reassessed by Creighton.

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