Unlimited Opportunities

At Unlimited Opportunities events from Feb. 10-21, students heard from Creighton alumni about career options for their major.

From Feb. 10-21, the College of Arts and Sciences put on the Unlimited Opportunities events in conjunction with the Career Center.

Thirteen College of Arts and Sciences departments were represented. Each held their own event, which featured a panel of alumni from that department who talked about their careers and answered questions from students.

College of Arts and Sciences junior Amanda Brewster attended the Department of History’s event on Feb. 17.

Brewster, who is studying history, said the event was helpful to envision the multiple directions she could take with her major.

“I’m not quite sure what I want to do after graduation,” said Brewster. “I figured this would be a good opportunity to see what options there are.”

She said she enjoyed the fact that the panel included a variety of professions.

“The assumption with history is that you are going to teach,” said Brewster. “It’s refreshing to see that you can also do something else.”

Erika Moreno, chair of the Department of Political Science and International Relations, was involved in the process of selecting the panelists for the political science event. She said that it was important to try to find alumni who had taken diverse paths with their degree.

“The idea is to broaden your horizons,” Moreno said.

She stated, however, that the department can’t showcase every opportunity after graduation with the panel.

“This is just a small slice of all of the things that await you,” she said.

Moreno said that the events are meant for all undergraduates, freshmen through seniors.

“Anyone and everyone should go,” she said.

Moreno stressed the multiple benefits that hosting the Unlimited Opportunities events offer.

“It’s an opportunity for our undergraduates to see in-the-flesh students who have gone through the same process that they’re going through and have navigated their professional lives after graduating Creighton in such a successful way,” said Moreno.

“These events are important to showcase those other options,” said Brewster. “There’s so many other opportunities out there, and no matter what major you are, it’s what you decide to make of it.”

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