"The Secret Garden" Still

The Department of Fine adn Permforming Arts produced “The Secret Garden” and with performances at the Lied Education Center for the Arts March 23-27.

On Thursday, March 24, the students involved in the department of Fine and PerformingArts put on the musical, “The Secret Garden.” The sense of community found within this department is much greater than what meets the eye.

You only see one third of everything that goes on behind the scenes in putting on a play such as this. Moments before showtime, on March 24, the students had to come together after a series of unforeseen events.

Realizing not all of their cast would be present and they would have to improvise to come up with a plan, these students took the phrase “the show must go on” seriously, and they delivered an outstanding performance despite the unforeseen circumstances.

Camille Balbuena, a junior working in the Fine Arts department, specializing in spotlights and background, stated “there is this uncertainty, are we going to keep going or will we stop,” but they knew they must put on a show for all the family and friends that came from so far to see them.

Carmela stated that all the unforeseen circumstances happened within two hours of showtime. When asked to comment on what it’s like during these times Carmela said, “To keep going in this state where you are not at your best is super hard and today in ‘The Secret Garden’ that is what they are going to do.”

The cast put on a show and made it seem as though nothing had happened. A sophomore Theater student, Leticia Taveres, commented and said, “to build the stage and do everything takes eight weeks prior to the show and it can be 10-12 hours a day.” The time put into these productions is extensive and these performers pour their soul into making these plays memorable for their audience. Leticia stated, “they did amazing regardless of the situation and it shows that theater is truly teamwork.”

These are true Creighton students, and at the foundation of their work is found community. A group of individuals working together as one to create something great, regardless of the circumstances. This group of individuals does not get enough credit.

Isabelle Fleming, a junior studying art history, had something to say on this topic. “We work so hard to do advertising so that the rest of the Creighton community knows about it but even so, there are so many people that tell me they didn’t know that this was happening.”

These students deserve to have their work advertised and seen by all.

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