Campus alert phone numbers and emails

Contact Public Safety for immediate assistance. The VIP Center and Student Counseling Services offer confidential support. File a report with the Office of Equity and Inclusion or using the "Tell Someone" online form. 

Creighton “swiftly” removed a student from campus after the university received multiple reports of rape and fondling committed by the student, according to an alert sent on Feb. 12.

The alert said the incidents occurred in campus residential halls from August 2020 to the present.

Allison Taylor, director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion said the reports, which came from multiple students, were received late at night on Feb. 11.

An investigation has been opened by the Office of Equity and Inclusion to look into the allegations.

According to the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy, “Creighton University may act to remove a respondent entirely or partially from its education program or activities on an emergency basis when an individualized safety and risk analysis has determined that an immediate threat to the physical health or safety of any student or other individual justifies removal.”

Taylor did not specify whether the student was entirely or partially removed.

Taylor said an investigation starts when a formal complaint is made to the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

A letter is then sent to the complainant and respondent detailing the allegations, policy violations, individual rights and supportive measures.

Supportive measures are taken to protect the safety of a student. They can include contact restrictions, access to resources and assistance with housing or academics.

There is no time limit for reporting an incident of violence or harassment.

Students can seek confidential support from the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center or Student Counseling Services.

The VIP center offers victim advocate services, including providing options around safety planning, medical care and evidence collection, reporting options, connection to counseling and support groups, protection orders, contact restrictions and other supportive measures.

“Working with an advocate means there is someone to walk with you during a time where everything can feel overwhelming and confusing,” said Meredith Lierk, director of the VIP Center. “I work with students to build upon their unique resiliency strategies and support networks.”

Reporting an incident is an individual choice, Lierk said.

“Survivors of sexual violence have already had a fundamental choice taken from them,” she said. “I strive to provide honest, objective information so that each student can make an informed decision about next steps, including reporting to OEI.”

She said the process can be re-victimizing and retraumatizing for survivors.

“Advocacy provides a place to process choice and voice, where they have control in the process, the emotions that arise, as a sounding board of what they want to share and how, and to be a constant presence of support.”

The VIP center also offers Green Dot bystander intervention training to teach students how to intervene in potentially violent situations.

Tanya Winegard, vice provost for student life, and Mike Reiner, assistant vice president for Public Safety, along with Taylor, said in another email that student safety is the top priority.

“Each member of our community deserves to be treated with dignity and respect,” the email said.  

The alert encouraged students to trust their instincts in an uncomfortable situation and attempt to interrupt, distract or involve others if they see potentially violent behavior occurring.

To schedule an appointment with advocates in the VIP Center, call 402-280-3794 or email

To schedule an appointment with Student Counseling Services, call 402-280-2735.

To make a report to the Office of Equity and Inclusion, call the office at 402-280-4120, email or submit a Tell Someone report online.

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