As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the Creighton community, the Center for Health and Counseling and the COVID Response Team are working to keep students, faculty and staff safe and healthy with designated quarantine and isolation zones for students both on and off campus.

Students who tested positive for COVID-19, showed symptoms or were in close contact with someone who tested positive, were ordered to quarantine in dorms on campus or at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in downtown Omaha.

Heider College of Business sophomore K.C. Okenu and his roommate, College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Danton Nitta, shared their experiences.

“I first found out when K.C. was on speakerphone with a lady,” said Nitta. “She called me later saying that I would move to the DoubleTree, and K.C. would stay here in Kenefick. So, K.C. stayed in Kenefick for the first eight days while I stayed at the [hotel]. After those eight days, I came back and he was moved to the DoubleTree for six days.”

Okenu added to Nitta’s explanation with his own perspective: “I was contacted through the phone by a lady who basically told me to reach out to the Coronavirus Response Team. A week later, I was told when the bus would come by and pick me up, so I started packing my stuff.”

Okenu described the living conditions and meals in quarantine at the Double- Tree. “Workers would bring enough food and drinks to our room. We also had another option to have our food be delivered through Postmates or Doordash.”

In regards to classes, Nitta explained that there were some obstacles to overcome in order to succeed academically under these circumstances.

“It was rough. It was also hard to stay motivated. With Zoom, it’s easy to get distracted, and I feel like being away in this hotel room made it harder, as well,” Nitta said.

Despite the challenge, Nitta appreciated the help from his professors. “I felt like my teachers were really understanding and they responded to emails quickly, too.”

Looking back, both Nitta and Okenu agreed that an option to spend time out- doors would’ve significantly improved their experience. “An open field or an open area where we could run around or break a sweat would be really helpful to keep our morale up,” said Okenu.

While in quarantine, Nitta and Okenu’s tests came back negative. Once they finished the remainder of their quarantine, they were instructed to return back to campus for classes.

According to the weekly updated Coronavirus Dashboard on Creighton’s website, the university is using 17 out of the 167 available quarantine and isolation spaces. This leaves 90% of the spaces still available.

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