New jukebox rocks skutt

The jukebox installed in the Skutt Student Center on Jan. 28 allows students to select a song on the machine for 50 cents or stream any song for $1. The song will be played over the sound system.

Located on level one of the Skutt Student Center, a newly installed machine has grabbed the attention of curious students and music-lovers alike.

The TouchTunes jukebox was installed in the student center on Jan. 28 after being approved by senior director of Housing and Auxiliary Services Lucas Novotny.

Songs on the jukebox can be played for 50 cents, while songs that are not already on the machine can be streamed for $1. Students can pay with cash at the jukebox or can play songs remotely through the TouchTunes app.

“With the ability to stream songs that aren’t preloaded onto the jukebox, the selection is essentially unending,” said Jack Robertson, the marketing strategist for Housing and Auxiliary Services.

Some students were initially confused about the appearance of the jukebox.

“The jukebox certainly doesn’t fit the image I had in my head for what a jukebox should look like, so when I saw the big touch screen on the wall, I wondered what it could be,” said Olivia Wulbert, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Robertson said the reasoning behind putting the TouchTunes jukebox in the student center was to entertain students who already spend their time there.

“Skutt is the living room of campus, and we’re excited to bring another element that makes students feel at home when they’re spending time in the building,” Robertson said. “We hope it adds another unique and engaging feature to a place students already enjoy spending their free time.”

The jukebox is integrated with the student center’s sound system, which is able to control whether sound is audible or muted throughout each section of the building.

“I was surprised to see the jukebox in Skutt, but I think it could be pretty cool for students to pick a song to jam out to when they just need a little boost of energy!” said Lili Kaminski, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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