From left to right, Carlos Revilla, Kiley Nelson, Trevor Sandidge and Erika Bartschat attended the MACURH Regional Business Conference.

A delegation of four Creighton students traveled to Pittsburg, Kansas over the weekend, representing Inter Residence Hall Government at the Midwest Affiliate of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (MACURH) Regional Business Conference.

Creighton’s IRHG team walked away with two awards, winning the MACURH Building Block of the Year award and President of the Year award.

IRHG at Creighton is one of 48 schools within MACURH, which exists as a network to help universities to pass initiatives and award schools for their work throughout the year.

The Building Block of the Year award recognizes a Residence Hall Association (RHA) in their development throughout the year.

“It really came down to intentionality,” IRHG president and Heider College of Business sophomore Trevor Sandidge said. “We actually wrote out a 45-page strategic plan, which was historic for our institution, as well as other institutions.”

The plan outlined IRHG’s vision for this year and years to come, with an emphasis on goal-setting, which the boardroom applauded when Creighton was given the award.

“We focused on issues of retention in our organizations, how can we give back to residents and overall program attendance,” Sandidge said.

Along with the strategic plan, IRHG has transitioned to an almost entirely paperless organization by building a new database.

The award represents not only a year of changes within IRHG, but also time that went into compiling information to submit a bid for the award.

“The bid writing experience gave me the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments and hard work,” said College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Kiley Nelson, who wrote the RHA Building Block award bid. “We worked tirelessly over winter break and into the new semester to conceive, write, edit and review a holistic bid that outlined our performance. Accepting the award for RHA Building Block of the Year at the conference was a proud and exciting experience.”

Sandidge also earned the RHA President of the Year award, which recognizes him for his direct and positive impact on campus.

“This award is the culmination of many meetings, long nights and numerous changes we have made in IRHG,” Sandidge said. “I am proud to represent Creighton University and to be able to bring this honor to both IRHG and the University.”

With most of their changes being internal throughout the past year, Sandidge plans to now focus on more external issues that residents can see.

One area that IRHG plans to address next is their communication channel with residents.

“What we’re noticing, as far as our legislation efforts, is that they’re much more successful when they’re started from the ground upright, when the resident brings a concern to us, us helping them cultivating that message and then presenting that to the administration,” Sandidge said.

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