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Elizabeth Rowen, a junior in the Heider College of Business, was selected to attend the annual Forbes Under 30 Summit. The Summit brings young leaders together for connecting and learning opportunities.

Elizabeth Rowen has been chosen as a 2019 Forbes Under 30 Scholar.

Rowen, a junior in the Heider College of Business studying finance and business intelligence and analytics on the IT track, has been awarded the opportunity to attend the annual Forbes Under 30 Summit for free October 27-30 in Detroit.

The event is sponsored by some of the top companies in the nation and includes presentations from A-list speakers, investor speed-pitching, a private concert, a pub crawl, a world-famous food festival and a powerful day of community service.

Past speakers have included Malala Yousafzai, self-made female billionaires Sara Blakely and Jennifer Hyman, Michael Phelps, Karlie Kloss and Whitney Wolfe Herd and the CEO of Bumble, a popular dating app.

It’s estimated that attendance to the summit will be around 10,000 this year. A general ticket to this distinguished event runs for around $600.

“I heard about the Forbes Under 30 Summit from one of my friends who I interned with this summer,” Rowen said. “I found it very interesting but way too expensive to go. When I heard of the opportunity to go for free as a Forbes Scholar, I was determined to secure a spot.”

The program is extremely competitive with thousands of college student applicants.

“I put a lot of time and passion into writing my application and proving why I deserve to be a Forbes Under 30 Scholar,” Rowen said. “I really wanted to be accepted because the event is an opportunity to hear from some of the most successful people in the nation.”

“I think my application stood out because I made sure to be very confident and honest in my responses. Leadership is all about being confident in your skill set, and I knew that Forbes would be looking for people that are passionate about growing as a person and as a leader.”

Rowen said she anticipates the Summit this October for the networking opportunities.

“I’m so excited to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are eager to get ahead and become the best versions of themselves,” Rowen said. “I’m hoping to meet other people that I will stay in contact with so that we can help each other grow in our professional careers. I’ve learned through experience that networking goes a long way.”

For the past two summers, Rowen has worked as an intern at Deloitte in her hometown of Milwaukee. is past summer, she worked specifically as an audit and assurance intern.

“I have absolutely loved working with Deloitte. I discovered a work culture that I thrive in. After realizing how much Deloitte cares about their employees and strives to hire the best and brightest, I accepted an offer to be a Cyber Risk Analyst in Chicago for the summer of 2020.”

Two of Rowen’s colleagues from her time at Deloitte will also be attending the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

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