Student rides a stationary bike for a free smoothie

Cierra Kinsey, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, rides the stationary bike in the Kiewit Fitness Center for a free smoothie. Wellness Wednesday was a day off from class for students.

Enacted by the Creighton University COVID-19 Strategy and Implementation Team, Wednesday was Creighton’s official “Wellness Wednesday.” This day off from school was designed to help students with self-care and stress.

Creighton's website said, “On March 10, classes will be paused to allow students to rest, engage in self-care activities, and refocus for the second half of the semester.”

The intention behind Wellness Wednes­day was to benefit the student population during an accelerated semester.

Additional activities were held in the Skutt Student Center and the Kiewit Fitness Center on Wednesday afternoon, includ­ing bingo and the opportunity to get a free smoothie by using a stationary bike.

Students like College of Arts and Sciences junior Nicole Sipko said that although Well­ness Wednesday was a nice break, it was not enough.

“Wellness Wednesday will be a nice day to catch-up on studying, but it still isn’t spring break,” Sipko said.

“I would have liked to have a few more days off. Participating in school nonstop for four months with only one day off is diffi­cult,” she said.

Sarah Sutton, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, also felt the break from classes should have been longer.

“I believe the idea of Wellness Wednesday is good hypothetically by allowing students a day to “develop ourselves-mind, body and spirit” but unfortunately with the high stress from COVID, one day does not al­low students to do this,” Sutton said.

Heider College of Business senior Brian Gill felt grateful for a break and took a pos­itive stance toward the implementation of Wellness Wednesday.

In the days leading up to Wellness Wednesday Gill said, “Wellness day means being excited about the opportunity to pack spring break and the release of stress from half a semester into one day.”

“I’m excited to get after it with my Creighton community and be sure we are all well and on our best behavior,” Gill said.

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